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Why can I not change stupid?

I have a friend that continues to make stupid money decisions. Why can’t she see it? This girl spends money like it was toilet paper. (like my graphic?) Her problem….she makes decent money and spends every cent of it. I have never known her to keep a car more than 2 years before trading it in on a brand new one. And these are top of the line $40k – $50k cars! She buys new electronics all the time and has the newest versions of everything. What scares me the most about her is that yes she makes decent money however she is in a very specialized field that is very finicky and vulnerable to market changes. She is putting nothing into savings and if she were to lose her job she would be very hard pressed to find anything making half of what she is making now. She also has a medical condition that is currently under control however, increasing medical costs are inevitable.

I love this girl to death, but how can I convince her that she is making poor financial decisions?

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