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Where have all the Bank Lollipops gone?

Disclaimer…names have been changed to protect the guilty, oops, I mean innocent…

Recently BIG BANK A in my area got swallowed up by BIG BANK B. This happens all the time so why am I mad?

Little complaint #1
Our account numbers have not changed (YET) but I still have to go through the hassle of changing the bank name and information on my checks when I reorder from my independent provider since I don’t use the overpriced Bank service.

Big complaint #2-#1001
Suddenly our “free” accounts have become “fee” accounts. Perhaps the stupidity in these big banks runs so deep that they believe they can just omit the “r” from our alphabet and we wouldn’t even notice.

Service FEE
Minimum balance FEE
Inactivity FEE not be confused with a dormant account
Overdraft FEE
Check Image FEE
Help us repay the government bailout FEE (ok, I made that one up)

I don’t worry too much with the fees that are related to irresponsible accounting on my part such as overdraft fees and the like. I stay clear of these fees and always keep a high enough balance that I don’t have to worry about them. I am also extremely diligent with my accounting procedures so when they sneak in a fee I know about it immediately. (I use Quicken and love it!)

But give me a break! They obviously don’t want to have my business. Well, not a problem, I’ll just take my business elsewhere.

So I did some research on the banks and credit unions in my area and found out that the appeal of working with said BIG BANK was no longer there for me. There are a lot of options out there if you are willing to look. If you are tired of all the BIG BANK FEES I suggest you check into one of the following…

Online banks – they have fewer overhead costs and therefore can offer lower fees and higher interest rates.
Locally owned banks – the same perks of a BIG BANK with competitive rates and workers who care to have your business.
Credit Unions – they offer a lot of benefits as banks do, again with competitive rates and workers who care to have your business.

I was able to find a local bank that offered a great deal with free checking, free checks and a few other perks I most likely will never use. I visited my new small town bank today with my 3 year old son and the teller smiled and gave him a Lollipop. I thought to myself “boy, I haven’t seen a bank give out Lollipops in a long time”. As I was fastening my son into his car seat with cherry drool running down his chin, he said “Me like new bank”. And I whispered, “I do too”.

You see, I’m no sucker…I’ll be doing business with my new bank who gives out FREE Lollipops.

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