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How many times have we heard “Mom, we are out of ______(place indispensable item here)” and a huge sigh uncontrollably comes from our already tired body. At that moment, we would buy that product from any traveling salesmen for 5 times the cost if he would just show up at our door….NOW.

Stockpiling is one of the things that has enabled us to cut our grocery bill by at least half.
Stockpiling puts you in control of what you buy, when you buy it, and how much you pay for it. How many times have we ran into a grocery store and picked up an item without even looking at the price because you NEEDED it NOW! You need to take this control away from the retailers that are profiting from your lack of planning. Once you take away the “I need it now” mentality of impulse shopping you will be in much more control. You will feel better and spend less.

When purchasing items for your stockpile, you want to find the best price. Match store sales with coupons to get the rock bottom price. This may mean that you are buying 20 cans of tomatoes this week and 3 tubes of toothpaste next week. Your shopping pattern is definitely going to look out of kilter at first.

Some key things to keep in mind when stockpiling…

Pick an area in your home that is somewhat out of the way (“out of sight out of mind” will help keep your stockpile from dwindling when the kids know there are 6 boxes of fruit snacks that “need” to be eaten right a way). Our stockpile (Mays’ Market is what we like to call it) is in our basement laundry room. Of course everyone can relate when I tell you that I am the only one that goes in there!

Keep the expiration date in mind when you are purchasing for your stockpile. It’s nothing worse to find out that the double fudge brownie mix that you were saving for “after” your diet has now gone bad. When you are picking the item in the store, look for the latest expiration date and sometimes this is in the back of the shelf!

USE IT! Yes, I know it looks good as you fold your laundry you remember the day you got those 5 cans of spaghetti sauce for 59 cents each, the sun was shinning and the birds were singing…oh sorry, that was me….My point is, if you have stockpiled 5 cans of spaghetti sauce then spaghetti needs to be on this weeks menu. Your stockpile is there to help you, to be your mini grocery store (with amazing prices), use it to your benefit. There will be another sale on that spaghetti sauce I promise!

Remember….put YOURSELF in CONTROL.

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