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September – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

The last few months have been pretty good. However I am feeling the need to “store up for the winter”. With our irregular income in the construction industry winter usually hits us pretty hard. We will be saving for the winter for when funds are low. This month, we project a total of $4,300

Here is what our budget looks like…

    General Account:

Utilities (electric, tv, telephone) $350

Health Insurance $499

Other Insurance $120

House Payment $589

Extra Principle on House Mortgage $400 (we are officially down to less than 4 years)

Children’s 529 plans $100

Charitable Donations $300

    Envelope Additions:

Grocery $600

Gas/Auto $245

Clothing $100

Vacation $100

Christmas/Gifts $100 (it’s sooner than you think!)

Home Projects $100

Recreational $150 (ball & gymnastics for the kiddos)



Where is your money going this month?

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