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Saving Money on Eyeglasses

Saving money on eyeglasses

Background (AKA Drama!)…

Recently, our 9 year old daughter was prescribed glasses to correct a mild astigmatism. The whole process of the exam and settling into the fact that she had to have glasses was very stressful. She was very reluctant with the entire process. After paying the $85 exam fee (out of our HSA), we were faced with the purchase of a pair of glasses for her. (AKA….un-budgeted expense) Since the process alone required a lot of my attention, I failed to really look at the cost of glasses. Both my husband and I wear glasses so I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with the cost or the process. $300 dollars later, my daughter didn’t like the glasses she picked out and they didn’t fit her properly. After a long process of readjusting them and looking at other options at her optometrist, I remembered reading an article in a book about cheap glasses ordered online. At this point I was ready to try anything!

3 Pairs of Glasses for $40…

I visited Zenni Optical website and was surprised at the offerings they had for as low as $6.95! Zenni Optical was featured in the latest Clark Howard book; Living Large In Lean Times. You can even upload a picture of yourself and virtually “try on” the glasses! After taking advantage of a coupon code and a special buy 2 get 1 free deal they were having (I even splurged and got polycarbonate lenses!) I purchased 3 pairs of glasses for $40! Now don’t expect a whole lot of customer service from this company, they aren’t going to adjust your glasses for you like the “profession” does at your optometrist. (you know you still have to adjust them yourself afterwards anyway!) And I’m not certain about their return policy. However, my daughter LOVED these glasses and I don’t see any quality difference between the Zenni eyewear and the fancy one we spent $300 on!

I wish I knew about this company before the HUNDREDS of dollars I’ve spent on glasses in my house. Now I can even justify buying myself a pair of sunglasses before summer!

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