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Why can I not change stup...

Why can I not change stupid?

I have a friend that continues to make stupid money decisions. Why can’t she see it? This girl spends money like it was toilet paper. (like my graphic?) Her problem….she makes decent money and spends every cent of it. I have never known her to keep a car more than 2 years before trading it […]

Savings Update – February...

Savings Update – February 2012

February cash savings addition = $9,200! Grand total increase to savings for 2012 = $13,850 We are making great progress with our goal to increase our savings by $24,000 in 2012. This was a pretty ambitious goal for us but we knew we were going to sell several items that we had been holding on […]

Tracking your Net Worth

Tracking your Net Worth

Everyone wants to spend less and save more. But what is “less” and what is “more” in relation to your money. That is why tracking your net worth is so important. You need to see where you are so that you know where you are going? Step 1 Assets Gather all your information on anything […]

Saving Money on Eyeglasse...

Saving Money on Eyeglasses

Background (AKA Drama!)… Recently, our 9 year old daughter was prescribed glasses to correct a mild astigmatism. The whole process of the exam and settling into the fact that she had to have glasses was very stressful. She was very reluctant with the entire process. After paying the $85 exam fee (out of our HSA), […]

New Year’s Resolutions…

New Year’s Resolutions…

Ok, Ok, I’ve falling prey of the vast blog entries out there posting some great New Year’s Resolutions. So here are mine… 1. Don’t Diet! This should be the easiest resolution that a person could keep right? I have been tracking my diet habits frequently in the last year or so. First of all, it […]

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Today is the day that we traditionally take down all of our Christmas decorations and clean the house to make way for a fresh start to the new year. As we are removing every remnant of Christmas past, let’s take some time to review the gifts given and received. Did we buy too much? Did […]

Why we are pushing Pause ...

Why we are pushing Pause on our Debt Snowball

Even as I write this post I feel like I am sitting on a fence with the only two options I have is falling in a pack of hungry Cheetahs or falling into a herd of Elephants. Do I want to be chased to death or squashed to death? Hum? Here is a little bit […]

Walmart’s Christmas...

Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee

How many times have you purchased an item and found out a week later that it is on sale somewhere else for less than you paid for it! Other than mumbling ugly words at the sales paper, there really hasn’t been anything you can do about it. This year; if you purchased the item at […]

Check out these WISE Deal...

Check out these WISE Deals at CVS this week

There are several nice Freebies at CVS this week. My favorites are… Candy Corn $.99 receive $.99 back in Extra Care Bucks which makes it FREE Pumpkin Carving Kit $2.49 receive $2.49 back in Extra Care Bucks which makes it FREE 2 CoverGirl make-up ($5.29 ea) less $8/2 coupon from the PG 10/2 insert and […]

Unemployment – a fe...

Unemployment – a few examples

The national unemployment rate is currently at 9.1% (the school drop out rate is at 8.1%, but that correlation is for another day). You can’t turn on the news without hearing about the many people that are without jobs. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that our economy is not doing […]

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