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November – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

Work was good last month. I managed to bring in an additional $800 myself not to mention the weather has been good and hubby has been working hard. This month, we project a total of $5,100. Don’t be fooled…we will be saving for the winter with these extra funds. Winter is always “cold” as far as funds go. So here is what we are planning for this month in our budget…

    General Account:

Utilities (electric, tv, telephone) $375 (we increased this a bit since the weather is getting colder)

Health Insurance $499 (this is going up $40 next year)

Other Insurance $120

House Payment $589

Extra Principle on House Mortgage $400 (we are officially down to less than 4 years)

Children’s 529 plans $100

Charitable Donations $400 (we are increasing this for the holidays and also since income has been good)

    Envelope Additions:

Grocery $650 (I see oyster stew and shrimp this month :) )

Gas/Auto $230 (gas prices are going down!)

Clothing $100

Vacation $100

Christmas/Gifts $200 (right around the corner!)

Home Projects $100 (looking to get a bookcase for downstairs this month)

Recreational $150 (ball & gymnastics for the kiddos)



Once we get through the winter, we will reassess our savings account and depending on what’s left, we may pay a lump sum to our house mortgage in order to get rid of this thing faster.

Where is your money going this month?

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