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New Year’s Resolutions…

Ok, Ok, I’ve falling prey of the vast blog entries out there posting some great New Year’s Resolutions. So here are mine…

1. Don’t Diet! This should be the easiest resolution that a person could keep right? I have been tracking my diet habits frequently in the last year or so. First of all, it seems that dieting costs a whole lot of money! I could not tell you now much I have spent on diet plans and diet foods in my lifetime (sadly, probably enough to feed 100’s of hungry children in a third world country). Dieting takes a huge amount of time. From meal planning to exercising, dieting is extremely time consuming for an individual. I am choosing to use my time and money a little more wisely this year.
2. Read more. Now if I was really set to this goal I would put a number on the books that I wanted to read but I don’t like failure so I’m just going to say “more” books and I shouldn’t have a problem with this goal since I’ll have all the time that I’m not dieting and exercising to devote to reading!
3. Do a better job keeping in contact with family. My father lives out of state and we only visit him about once per year and call him only twice that much. With modern technology these days there is no real excuse not to talk/text/email etc. more often.

So there you go folks, it’s not the awe inspiring resolutions as most out there but they are mine and I feel real good about them. What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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