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Where is your money going this month?

monthly budgetI love the first day of the month. It’s like a fresh start and since our household finally has a handle on our finances, we actually enjoy making out our monthly budget.

You need to sit down TODAY and work out your cash flow budget for the month. Some items to think about may be…

• What/when bills are going to come due this month?
• What type of maintenance needs done this month (oil change on the car etc.)
• How much are you going to be able to pay toward your debt?
• Can you add to your emergency fund this month?
• Is now a good time to invest in a stock or mutual fund?
• What entertainment things are you going to do this month (or not do)

Budget = Peace

Making out a budget will put your dollars to work and essentially put you in control. When you are able to make your budget work there are little or no surprises that can throw you for a loop later in the month. There is a great peace that will come over you month after month when you realize how your budget works.

Budget = Freedom

You become free to enjoy what you have budgeted for. When you have set aside a certain amount for an item such as clothes or eating out you can actually enjoy the purchase. That restaurant prepared dinner now feels “worth it”.

So what are you waiting for….grab that pencil and piece of paper and start making that budget! You’ll thank me later.

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