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Money saving tips for the FALL

I love this time of year. There is a crisp feel in the air and being outside is enjoyable. I feel a mad rush to drag the kids outside as much as we can, to play of course (ok, you got me… there is some yard work that needs to be completed before winter, you’re not against child labor are you?).

Here are a few money saving tips for this fall.

Halloween Costumes
Work together with other families that have children around the same age as yours and trade costumes. You can easily save $20 or more per child by borrowing a costume your neighbors’ child wore last year. Or how about altering last years Tinker Bell into this years Ballerina!

Let them eat candy
Lots of churches do a thing they call “Trunk-or-Treat”. This is a great alternative to taking your children traditional trick-or-treating. The event is usually held during the day light hours the weekend before October 31st. Members of the church decorate their car trunks and give out treats. Children go from car “trunk” to car “trunk” to see the decorations and receive goodies. The church provides a safe atmosphere for the children to experience the special occasion. You will also save money on gas since you will be going to one location and not have to waste gas with the stop-and-go that is associated with the traditional trick-or-treating.

Electric Bill
Usually your electric bill will be lower during the fall but take it a few steps further and turn your thermostat up/down so that it doesn’t run as much. Enjoy the outside air and open a window. We had a family challenge last month to turn the heat/ac completely off and see how many days we could “stand” it. Luckily, the weather has been perfect where I live and we are on day 42 of being heat pump and air conditioner free! WAY TO GO!

Recreational Activities
Take advantage of the local festivals in your area that are usually free or of little charge. What about a hike to enjoy the fall atmosphere. Pack a lunch and go for a hike with the kids and don’t forget your camera!

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