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May – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

Things are finally starting to look up a little. Spring has definitely sprung here and construction has picked up which means the hubby is extra busy. We have $4,200 to work with this month. The biggest change this month is that we are adding $100 to our house principle payment. We really want to pay this thing off and it looks like we are putting away more that an average of 10% into savings each month so we increased the principle payment to be on schedule to pay off the house in 48 months!

Remember, with the Zero-Based budget, every dollar as a place to go with nothing left over. Here is our May 2013 budget…

    General Account:

Utilities (electric, tv, telephone) $300

Health Insurance $499

Other Insurance $120

House Payment $589

Extra Principle on House Mortgage $500 (We are wanting to shorten the payoff to about 48 more months!)

Children’s 529 plans $100

Charity $150

    Envelope Additions:

Grocery $600 (I’ve cleaned out the pantry and we have eaten a lot of our extras, so I’m bumping our food budget up this month, however it should go down when the garden starts coming in but that will be next month)

Gas/Auto $250 (I’ve raised this a little, ball season has started and we are running the roads a little more

Clothing $100

Vacation $120

Christmas/Gifts $ 75

Home Projects $100 (Still working on the playhouse!)

Recreational $100

Garden Fund $35 (I will be buying some more seeds and plants this month)


$562! YAY!

Make your money behave!

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