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March – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

This month’s income looks pretty low at $3,500. We are just coming out of the winter months when business is slow. However, I think it’s starting to pick up so next month should look better…

With the Zero-Based budget, every dollar as a place to go with nothing left over. We are in charge, by telling our money where to go. Every dollar has a purpose so there are no surprises. So here it is…

    General Account:

Utilities (electric, tv, telephone) $300 (we are also setting this a little lower this month since the temperatures around here have been pretty mild and we plan on conserving on the heating portion of this line item)

Health Insurance $499

Other Insurance $120

House Payment $589

Extra Principle on House Mortgage $400 (this keeps us in line to pay off our only debt of our house in less than 5 years)

Children’s 529 plans $100

Charity $150

    Envelope Additions:

Grocery $400 (we are not adding as much as we usually do for this account since I’ve done some panty cleaning and strict meal planning last month and we seem to have a lot left over)

Gas/Auto $245

Clothing $100

Vacation $120

Christmas/Gifts $ 75

Home Projects $100 (looking to finish the playhouse)

Recreational $100



Where is your money going this month?

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