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June – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

We are finally seeing a real income increase this month. We have a total of $4,600 to work with this month. Oh YEAH!

So happy to be in charge on our money! Now lets tell every dollar where to go…

    General Account:

Utilities (electric, tv, telephone) $350

Health Insurance $499

Other Insurance $120

House Payment $589

Extra Principle on House Mortgage $400 (this keeps us in line to pay off our only debt of our house in less than 5 years)

Children’s 529 plans $100

Charity $250 (we are increasing this for June. The kids will be going to some Vacation Bible Schools and we want to give)

    Envelope Additions:

Grocery $600 (looking forward to this going down next month when the garden starts coming in)

Gas/Auto $245

Clothing $100

Vacation $500 (increasing this a bit since we are headed to the BEACH in a few weeks)

Christmas/Gifts $100 (yes, it will be here soon!)

Home Projects $300 (will finish the playhouse this month!)

Recreational $200 (its summer fun!)


Yes, we are spending a lot more this month but the important thing is that we are still saving!

Where is your money going this month?

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