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Got a Library Card?

Libraries are not what they used to be. They have expounded there services and more and more people are visiting the library. So be WISE and check out your local library.

Your local library is a FREE enormous resource for…

Books & Magazines
Books, Books, and more Books. My library (small county) corroborates with a larger city’s library so that patrons can request books from the larger library and they are delivered to my local branch the next day and I can return them just like any other borrowed book. If the book has been published you can bet I can get it from my local library.

Movies and Video games
Although video games may not be at every library, most libraries have an extensive collection of movies. Redbox and Blockbuster has nothing on the free entertainment at your library. At my library you can check out 5 movies at a time and keep them for 1 week. Surprisingly, they have a good selection of new releases.

eBooks for the Kindle now allows Kindle users to download and “borrow” e-books from local libraries.

Free Programs
Our library has a free story time for toddlers every week. But it’s not just someone reading a book or two, my library has the traditional storybook reading accompanied by crafts, music and puppet shows. In the summer the activities get even broader and include magic shows and traveling petting zoos all FREE of charge!

Most libraries’ state and federal funding is based on circulation volume so the more you use these resources; the more resources are going to be available in your area.

Are you using all your free resources at your local library?

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