Using money wisely and building wealth

Dirty Money

Why is money so dirty? At a very young age we are taught negative associations to money. Why do we say “money is the root of all evil”? As a child we are taught that we shouldn’t ask people how old they are or how much money they make.

Those of us that are fortunate (or should I say WISE) enough to have some wealth, we downplay its presence. Why are we so secretive? Shouldn’t we be proud of our wealth? Shouldn’t we teach our children to use money as a positive tool?

Money Is Good: Let’s face it; money does make the world go round. If we didn’t have money we would not be able to buy food or clothing. Money used wisely is good and can do good things.

Money Is A Tool: Can you image a baker trying to make a cake without a mixer? How about a contractor building a house without a hammer? These things simply can’t be done without the proper tools. You cannot build wealth without the tool of money.

Money Is Not Bias: Money is demographically natural. Money is not male/female, young/old, black/white. Anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to earn and use money to their advantage.

Most millionaires are first generation rich. They didn’t get money handed down from a rich uncle or win the lottery. They worked hard, they made wise decisions, and they used money as a wealth building tool. We should celebrate them. We should celebrate ourselves.

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