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Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explained – Baby Step #7

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #7 – Build Wealth and Give

You have reached financial peace. Now your job is to keep the balance. Having an abundance of money is not going to solve all of your problems. Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #7 helps you build wealth and give.

In this step you will…

• Live like “No One Else” and have a little fun
• Invest so that you money starts working to making you more money
• Give money away

Since you have lived the life of frugality through Baby Steps #1-#6 now its time to have a little fun and buy the items that you have been putting off since you deserve it! Lets also make your money start working for you. Dave Ramsey suggests that you invest in good growth stock mutual funds and possibly yield a 12% return.

Start giving like you’ve never gave before. Find needs in your community and financially support them or pay a neighbor’s electric bill.

What am I going to do at Baby Step #7….help someone else go through the Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.

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