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Christmas Past

Today is the day that we traditionally take down all of our Christmas decorations and clean the house to make way for a fresh start to the new year.

As we are removing every remnant of Christmas past, let’s take some time to review the gifts given and received. Did we buy too much? Did we stay within our budget? Are we appreciative of the gifts we received? What changes will we make next year?

This is the second Christmas we have had while officially on the Dave Ramsey plan. We have not used credit cards of any sort to pay for any of the Christmas expenditures. I used to dread that first credit card bill that came early in January and lingered around for several months. Buyer’s remorse didn’t have a thing of what I used to feel pre-Dave Ramsey. I don’t care what kind of Christmas we have or don’t have, I plan to never return to this past lifestyle and I challenge each one of you to do the same!

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