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Put The Brakes On Extende...

Put The Brakes On Extended Car Loans

OMG! I recently read that according to the credit-tracking company Experian, the average vehicle loan is now 65 months. Some people are even opting for an EIGHT year loan. Can I get an OMG!? That is absurd. Are these people planning on living in these vehicles? Why do we think that car loans are acceptable, […]

Saving Money on Eyeglasse...

Saving Money on Eyeglasses

Background (AKA Drama!)… Recently, our 9 year old daughter was prescribed glasses to correct a mild astigmatism. The whole process of the exam and settling into the fact that she had to have glasses was very stressful. She was very reluctant with the entire process. After paying the $85 exam fee (out of our HSA), […]

Walmart’s Christmas...

Walmart’s Christmas Price Guarantee

How many times have you purchased an item and found out a week later that it is on sale somewhere else for less than you paid for it! Other than mumbling ugly words at the sales paper, there really hasn’t been anything you can do about it. This year; if you purchased the item at […]

Saving on your Food Budge...

Saving on your Food Budget

Your food budget is one of the easiest places to save some money from your overall monthly expenses. Here are some tips to save the most… Stay out of restaurants It is almost always less expensive (and healthier) to cook at home. If you feel deprived, learn to prepare some of your restaurant favorites at […]

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