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Coupon use…the good...

Coupon use…the good, the bad and the ugly

Recently as I was checking out at one of the grocery stores I frequent, while the cashier was ringing up my purchases another store employee came over to her and said “another crazy coupon lady just walked in, watch out!”. I was making a small grocery run that day so I only had approximately $30 […]

Are you enjoying the ride...

Are you enjoying the ride?

I don’t know about you but I like a roller coaster ride just about as much as I like having a root canal! At least with a root canal, I know what the cost is before I feel the pain of the needle. Boy, do I wish they would issue some Novocain with all this […]

Stockpiling…Putting you i...

Stockpiling…Putting you in control!

How many times have we heard “Mom, we are out of ______(place indispensable item here)” and a huge sigh uncontrollably comes from our already tired body. At that moment, we would buy that product from any traveling salesmen for 5 times the cost if he would just show up at our door….NOW. Stockpiling is one […]



Hello and welcome to The Wise Wallet. Here we will grow together to use our resources wisely and live life to the fullest. We will learn how to be good managers of our money, find out where deals are, and most important…have fun doing it!

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