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Attitude vs. The New Rece...

Attitude vs. The New Recession

Economists are saying that we are about to head into another Recession? I know that I slept well last night but did I sleep through a few years? Did we come out of the last one already? I confess I didn’t get the best of grades in my economic classes back in college and studying […]

Got a Library Card?

Got a Library Card?

Libraries are not what they used to be. They have expounded there services and more and more people are visiting the library. So be WISE and check out your local library. Your local library is a FREE enormous resource for… Books & Magazines Books, Books, and more Books. My library (small county) corroborates with a […]

Are you ready for Christm...

Are you ready for Christmas?

SURPRISE! Christmas is exactly 3 months away today. How do you plan on funding your festive purchases? Have you been saving throughout the year? If you haven’t squirreled anything away yet, you still have time. Here are some WISE steps to do now to ensure that you have a joyous Christmas without busting your budget […]

Where have all the Bank L...

Where have all the Bank Lollipops gone?

Disclaimer…names have been changed to protect the guilty, oops, I mean innocent… Recently BIG BANK A in my area got swallowed up by BIG BANK B. This happens all the time so why am I mad? Little complaint #1 Our account numbers have not changed (YET) but I still have to go through the hassle […]

Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explai...

Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explained – Baby Step #5

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #5 – College Funding for Children It’s taken you a long time to get here but boy has it been worth it. You are out of debt, have some money in the bank and you have made arrangements to not work your entire life. Now let’s focus on the kids. If […]

Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explai...

Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explained – Baby Step #4

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #4 – Invest 15% of your income into retirement savings By this time you have paid off your debt except for the house and you have a fully funded emergency fund with 3-6 months of expenses in the unfortunate event that something catastrophic happened. Now it is time to start planning […]

Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explai...

Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explained – Baby Step #3

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #3 Fully Funded Emergency Fund Once you have completed Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #2 you are no longer normal. Normal people are broke and have debt! You have made great strides to financial freedom and you are ready to move on to making your money work for you. Dave Ramsey’s Baby […]

Dave Ramsey’s Plan ...

Dave Ramsey’s Plan Explained – Baby Step #1

Before you actually start the Dave Ramey’s plan you have to declare war on debt. No more debt! PERIOD! Stop using credit cards, don’t borrow cash from your brother…no credit of any kind. If you don’t have the cash to pay for it, don’t buy it. You need a true commitment to getting out of […]

A financial plan…get one ...

A financial plan…get one quick!

We all want to be financially healthy. We admire those individuals that retire with millions in an investment account. But how do they do it? Most millionaires are first generation millionaires which means that they didn’t get their money handed down from their mommy and daddy. Most millionaires built their portfolios from nothing. Not many […]

Needs vs. Wants

Needs vs. Wants

Needs vs. Wants My 8 year old recently brought home homework with the topic of “the difference between needs and wants”. My first thought was directed to her teacher ‘good luck on that lady, I’ve been trying to teach her that myself only for the last 8 years’. Yes, I constantly correct her when she […]

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