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Is Student Loan Debt “GOO...

Is Student Loan Debt “GOOD” Debt?

There has always been a debate on whether or not a debt is GOOD or BAD. There are some obvious…Payday loans = BAD, House = GOOD. But what about student loan debt? Is it always a good debt? Or can it sometimes be a bad debt? I recently had a conversation with a person that […]

Put The Brakes On Extende...

Put The Brakes On Extended Car Loans

OMG! I recently read that according to the credit-tracking company Experian, the average vehicle loan is now 65 months. Some people are even opting for an EIGHT year loan. Can I get an OMG!? That is absurd. Are these people planning on living in these vehicles? Why do we think that car loans are acceptable, […]

How big should my emergen...

How big should my emergency fund be?

Everyone should have an emergency fund. An emergency funds’ purpose is to cover your expenses in case you lose your current income. This is usually calculated by finding out what your monthly expenses are and multiplying this by how many months you may need it. This brings us to the ultimate question…how many months should […]

How a Health Savings Acco...

How a Health Savings Account can save you money

A Health Savings Account (often referred to as an HSA) is a tax advantaged medical savings account that works in conjunction with a high deductible health care insurance plan. Here’s how it works… Enroll in a high deductible health insurance plan (usually these deductibles are between $6,000- $10,000), yet the premium rates can be less […]

Savings Update – February...

Savings Update – February 2012

February cash savings addition = $9,200! Grand total increase to savings for 2012 = $13,850 We are making great progress with our goal to increase our savings by $24,000 in 2012. This was a pretty ambitious goal for us but we knew we were going to sell several items that we had been holding on […]

Saving Money on Eyeglasse...

Saving Money on Eyeglasses

Background (AKA Drama!)… Recently, our 9 year old daughter was prescribed glasses to correct a mild astigmatism. The whole process of the exam and settling into the fact that she had to have glasses was very stressful. She was very reluctant with the entire process. After paying the $85 exam fee (out of our HSA), […]

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Today is the day that we traditionally take down all of our Christmas decorations and clean the house to make way for a fresh start to the new year. As we are removing every remnant of Christmas past, let’s take some time to review the gifts given and received. Did we buy too much? Did […]

Why we are pushing Pause ...

Why we are pushing Pause on our Debt Snowball

Even as I write this post I feel like I am sitting on a fence with the only two options I have is falling in a pack of hungry Cheetahs or falling into a herd of Elephants. Do I want to be chased to death or squashed to death? Hum? Here is a little bit […]

Money saving tips for the...

Money saving tips for the FALL

I love this time of year. There is a crisp feel in the air and being outside is enjoyable. I feel a mad rush to drag the kids outside as much as we can, to play of course (ok, you got me… there is some yard work that needs to be completed before winter, you’re […]

Saving on your Food Budge...

Saving on your Food Budget

Your food budget is one of the easiest places to save some money from your overall monthly expenses. Here are some tips to save the most… Stay out of restaurants It is almost always less expensive (and healthier) to cook at home. If you feel deprived, learn to prepare some of your restaurant favorites at […]

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