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Debit vs. Credit

Debit vs. Credit

It’s a battle of the cards. Debit vs. Credit. Which one is right for you? Let’s find out the differences between the two and their advantages. What’s the Difference? A debit card is directly tied to a checking account. Each debit card transaction debits funds from that checking account immediately. You must have the money […]

How big should my emergen...

How big should my emergency fund be?

Everyone should have an emergency fund. An emergency funds’ purpose is to cover your expenses in case you lose your current income. This is usually calculated by finding out what your monthly expenses are and multiplying this by how many months you may need it. This brings us to the ultimate question…how many months should […]

How a Health Savings Acco...

How a Health Savings Account can save you money

A Health Savings Account (often referred to as an HSA) is a tax advantaged medical savings account that works in conjunction with a high deductible health care insurance plan. Here’s how it works… Enroll in a high deductible health insurance plan (usually these deductibles are between $6,000- $10,000), yet the premium rates can be less […]

WHO’s In Your Walle...

WHO’s In Your Wallet?

OK! I give! Is it a coincidence? Plain bad luck? Or just a sign of the times? My family has been the victim of identity theft THREE times in the last THREE months. Yes I said THREE! It first started with my husband the last part of February when someone stole his credit card number […]

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