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Calmly Coasting…

OK, so who isn’t worried about the rising gas prices! As I was sipping my morning cup of coffee (which is rising in cost also!), I was intrigued by the Good Morning America’s news article Putting Gas Tips To The Test.

They were explaining how you can drive your car in a more efficient manner to get a better gas mileage. The base premise was to drive a more constant speed, no sudden stops, and coast when ever possible. For example, if you know that you have to turn soon, start to coast. In fact this guy was the king of coasting. He could coast for what seemed like forever when coming to a light and it would turn green before he was even stopped.

My normal driving habits would include me pulling out in the lane of traffic when I shouldn’t have and putting the pedal to the metal to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. It would have also included at least one sudden stop when the normal CVS turn suddenly came up on me (don’t they change that entrance every other week) and I would have had to slam on the brakes and throw my entire coupon binder (opened of course) in the floorboard and caused my 3 year old’s fruit snacks to hit the windshield. The then said 3 year old would have been kicking and screaming because that was the last of the fruit snacks and I would have then promised him some candy in the checkout which would have thrown my savings out the window.

With that said, I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose by trying some of this guy’s tips. So today I concentrated on my driving. I drove at or below the speed limit. I anticipated my stops and coasted when I could. I tried not to perform any sudden moves or acceleration. So maybe I looked like an old lady puttering along, I didn’t care. I was calm. I wasn’t late and rushing like I normally am. Did it take me longer to get there? Maybe…OK probably. I actually enjoyed my outing and with all the rush and bustle in this world today I think this is a good thing. Did I save on the gas bill…I don’t know, I guess we will have to see but in the meantime I’m going to take a deep breath and coast.

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