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November – Zero Based Bud...

November – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

Work was good last month. I managed to bring in an additional $800 myself not to mention the weather has been good and hubby has been working hard. This month, we project a total of $5,100. Don’t be fooled…we will be saving for the winter with these extra funds. Winter is always “cold” as far […]

September – Zero Based Bu...

September – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

The last few months have been pretty good. However I am feeling the need to “store up for the winter”. With our irregular income in the construction industry winter usually hits us pretty hard. We will be saving for the winter for when funds are low. This month, we project a total of $4,300 Here […]

The Budget Month In Revie...

The Budget Month In Review (examining what works and what doesn’t)

It’s the end of the month. Did your money behave? How did your budget plan work out for you? Do you have any extra money? Did you run short? These are questions you need to ask yourself before next month…before your next budget. A budget is only good if it actually works. Did your budget […]

Get Rid of Stuff…Finding ...

Get Rid of Stuff…Finding Extra Money

You often hear Dave Ramsey talk about selling so much stuff on eBay and Craigslist that the children think they are next. Well, what exactly does that mean? I can tell you from personal experience that it means a lot of extra money. When we started the Dave Ramsey plan over 3 years ago, we […]

Invest Or Pay Off Debt

Invest Or Pay Off Debt

I know we all struggle with what to do with our excess money each month. YEAH RIGHT! But there is a question I would like to address. Should we pay off debt or invest? Some things to consider may be… Type of Debt There is a big difference between consumer debt (credit cards, vehicle, etc.) […]

June – Zero Based Budget ...

June – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

We are finally seeing a real income increase this month. We have a total of $4,600 to work with this month. Oh YEAH! So happy to be in charge on our money! Now lets tell every dollar where to go… General Account: Utilities (electric, tv, telephone) $350 Health Insurance $499 Other Insurance $120 House Payment […]

Is Student Loan Debt “GOO...

Is Student Loan Debt “GOOD” Debt?

There has always been a debate on whether or not a debt is GOOD or BAD. There are some obvious…Payday loans = BAD, House = GOOD. But what about student loan debt? Is it always a good debt? Or can it sometimes be a bad debt? I recently had a conversation with a person that […]

Debit vs. Credit

Debit vs. Credit

It’s a battle of the cards. Debit vs. Credit. Which one is right for you? Let’s find out the differences between the two and their advantages. What’s the Difference? A debit card is directly tied to a checking account. Each debit card transaction debits funds from that checking account immediately. You must have the money […]

May – Zero Based Budget –...

May – Zero Based Budget – (Irregular Income)

Things are finally starting to look up a little. Spring has definitely sprung here and construction has picked up which means the hubby is extra busy. We have $4,200 to work with this month. The biggest change this month is that we are adding $100 to our house principle payment. We really want to pay […]

Put The Brakes On Extende...

Put The Brakes On Extended Car Loans

OMG! I recently read that according to the credit-tracking company Experian, the average vehicle loan is now 65 months. Some people are even opting for an EIGHT year loan. Can I get an OMG!? That is absurd. Are these people planning on living in these vehicles? Why do we think that car loans are acceptable, […]

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