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Attitude vs. The New Recession

Economists are saying that we are about to head into another Recession? I know that I slept well last night but did I sleep through a few years? Did we come out of the last one already? I confess I didn’t get the best of grades in my economic classes back in college and studying economic trends literally makes my head spin.

Economic indicators (housing reports, manufacturing data, and employment (or lack there of) reports and so on…) are pointing us down a slippery slope once again to what is labeled a “Recession”. Most all of these reports are based on our country’s love of debt. More American’s are worried about their FICO score than if their school met AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress).

All this doom and gloom is coming in the most appropriate month with everyone gearing up for Halloween. You don’t have to dress up with a scary costume, what about something positive for a change? Attitude is everything.

Let’s make some positive initiatives at home where we can make an immediate difference and stop worrying about things that are out of our control.

• Hug your children and help them with their homework tonight
• Sit down at your own table and eat what your own hands prepared
• Set a budget
• Stay on that budget
• Spend less than you make
• Save! Save! Save!

Let things trickle down from our own actions. How do we expect the government to balance their budget when most American’s don’t even have a budget? How do we expect the government to pay down the national debt when American’s have more personal debt than ever. How do we expect the government to properly school our children when we are not involved? Get things in order at home and the rest will fall into place.

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