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Are you ready for Christmas?

SURPRISE! Christmas is exactly 3 months away today. How do you plan on funding your festive purchases? Have you been saving throughout the year? If you haven’t squirreled anything away yet, you still have time. Here are some WISE steps to do now to ensure that you have a joyous Christmas without busting your budget and waking up on the 26th with buyer’s remorse and a stack of credit card bills that take you all year to pay off.

• Make a pact with yourself right now not to add to your debt or to use credit cards for your Christmas purchases.
• Get an envelope out today and label it “Christmas” and only use this envelope for Christmas purchases
• Start adding to your Christmas envelope but cutting things out of your budget (eat beans and rice for a few dinners this month to save an extra $20 + from your grocery budget)
• Add to your envelope by having a yard sale or sale unwanted items around the house on eBay. Take some clothes or toys to a consignment shop.
• Start thinking of the gifts you want to give and the amount that you can reasonably spend on each of them. WRITE IT DOWN

The whole concept here is to eliminate any surprises. You know Christmas is always December 25th, you know you are going to buy presents and you know they are going to cost money. Start planning now. It’s not too early and it’s not too late!

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