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Wide Wall Street RideI don’t know about you but I like a roller coaster ride just about as much as I like having a root canal! At least with a root canal, I know what the cost is before I feel the pain of the needle. Boy, do I wish they would issue some Novocain with all this market turmoil we have been having lately.

If you have checked your investments in the last few days you have seen your portfolio has taken a huge hit. As of this quarter the Dow is down some 13%…….BUT, it is still up over 5% for the year. What does this mean? Well we have had some major fluctuations in the last few weeks and we may even see more in the days and weeks to come. However, we need to remember one of the foundations of investments…look at overall performances instead of concentrating on the daily ups and downs. The WISE investor is investing for the long-term in hopes to have an average annual yield of 8%-12%. We could still see this level of return yet in 2011. So, take a deep breath, make sure your safety belt is securely fastened, keep your arms inside the car at all times and don’t forget to visit the photo viewing booth at the end of the ride.

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